About ebu jewelry

ebu jewelry

We have sailed the world for thirty years, living and working with native artisans and their traditional materials. Our joy is helping these people and making jewelry with them that is both primitive and contemporary. When you wear our jewelry, you are proclaiming an awareness of the planet’s diversity and beauty. We probably hold the record for low environmental impact jewelry, using things like bamboo, coconut shell, fossils, bone, and horn for most of our designs, and sparingly using sterling silver.

Our inspirations evolve from the materials and artisans we find as we travel. We collect what we find beautiful, and environmentally responsible. We create all the designs ourselves and then work with the artisans wherever we are. We both enjoy the physical hands-on aspects of working with natural materials and manipulating them until their beauty is evident. We also enjoy the exchanges with all the varied craftspeople we have worked with around the world.

“The most satisfying thing is when a piece we, at ebu jewelry, are designing takes on a life of its own and surprises us with how beautiful it is. Also, when we watch a woman fall in love with our work – what’s better than to be able to make something that brings joy? When you wear our jewelry, you can be sure you have aided many families in a responsible, low environmental impact way. Also, you are proclaiming your appreciation of the many cultures of our world.”